Take The Next Step

Trailhead Church loves to celebrate baptisms! It is an incredible symbol of where we place our faith: in the death and resurrection of Jesus. Those who get baptized get "buried" in the waters of death and brought up again in new, resurrection life. This is a powerful symbol of what happens when we believe in Jesus - our sin is left in his grave and we are covered in his righteousness!

What to Expect

Trailhead doesn't have a permanent baptismal, so we will celebrate several times a year for those who are new believers (or believers who haven't been baptized yet). We set it up several times a year to make sure those who want to follow Jesus in obedience by being baptized will have plenty of chance.

Get Started

If you would like to find out when our next baptism celebration is or would like to have a conversation with someone about baptism, please email us at If you'd like more information on our beliefs about baptism, stop by Connection Point to pick up a free copy of the Believer's Baptism booklet.